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Who we work with

EMA works with small businesses in and around the Hertfordshire area.

EMA is proud to offer the aforementioned accounting services to all small businesses in and around the Hertfordshire area. Get in touch and let us worry about the accounting details so you can focus on growing your business.

We are a team of Xero Accounting Software Specialists based in the Hertfordshire area dedicated to helping and supporting small businesses grow and develop by providing an exceptional accounting service. Here at EMA, we want your business to be successful and our relationship with you is important to us.

Who we are

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About us

What we do

‘Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing’ Warren Buffett

Having an experienced accountant keeping track of your business finances will free up the energy and time you need for growing your business.


At EMA we offer our clients the knowledge and expertise to make sure all business transactions are accurately recorded and all taxes paid on time. We also offer insight on how to better manage different aspects of your business, enabling you to grow and develop.

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